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BAS Statements and GST Compliance
We can produce all your BAS & IAS Statements and ensure that all GST Debits and Credits are accounted for. BAS Statements can be lodged manually or electronically, and must always be lodged on time. We ensure that all aspects of your business are ATO Compliant

We take care of all your Payroll needs, from the minute you employ staff. We take care of Timesheets,Leave Entitlements, HR Services, Fair Work Compliance and Employer Super

Manual & Computerised Bookkeeping
We can prepare your bank reconciliations, ledgers and all your receipts and payments, either in manual form, computerised spreadsheets, or accounting software, and get rid of your “shoe box” system. Icompute Bookkeeping can make your business Accountant Ready, saving you lots of money at the end of the Financial Year

Cashflow Management, Budgeting and Financial Reporting
At Icompute Bookkeeping we help you to monitor your business and to budget meaningfully, so that you can easily access the business reports you need for banks and the Tax Office. Additionally we are able to help with household budgets thus eliminating stress for the rest of the family.

Financial Statements
We can also produce Financial Statements for legal, bank or taxation audit purposes. We can even be your contact with the Tax Office while you get on with running your Business

PC Support, Software, Networking, Minor repairs
If you are new to computers, or are thinking of using a computerised bookkeeping system, and you don’t know anything about computers, we can help there too. We will make sure that you are using the most appropriate accounting software and that your computer is always running at peak performance as it will be your biggest business tool. If something goes wrong, we will get you going again

Icompute Bookkeeping can train you and your staff to work with either a manual or computerised accounting system. Our ultimate goal is to put you back in control of your finances and, for you to be proactive in the running of your own Business

Computerised Bookkeeping Made Easy
Using a computerised Accounting package can be very scary for many people. There are so many options, desktop and online. Basic and advanced. You don't need to be an Accountant, and you can even get the kids to do data entry, it's really that simple
We use and recommend Computerised Bookkeeping Software for all small businesses. The days when you saved up all your paperwork in a  “shoe box”, to hand to your Accountant at the end of the year, are long gone. Today, you can keep a track of your finances in so many ways, the possibilities are endless. No need to pay those massive accounting bills once a year. Your Accountant can now access your financial records, while you get on with the important stuff, making money for your Business, and, no downtime, no making appointments, and no sorting out the "shoebox". We give all the tools you need to make your home life and work life, stress free.

Fuel Tax Credit Claims
If you drive a vehicle or operate machinery with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more, we specialise in claiming Fuel Tax Credits for your business. From 1 July 2013, fuel tax credit rates have changed. You may be affected by rate changes and even if you don't do a BAS Statement we can still claim it for you. Let us show you how.


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